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Darryl's 1966 Porsche 912


Recently Acquired Original Owner Documentation! - Allan Caldwell, the original owner of my 912 died in 2022 at the age of 95 with no next-of-kin so he left all his Porsche related possessions to the local Pacific Northwest chapter of the Porsche Club of America which he help found in 1959. Jay Gillotti, the local club historian contacted me in January 2024 to let me know he ran across several scrapbooks, photo albums, notebooks and other momentos specific to my car and gave them to me. Within these, I found many, many pages of photos of the car being enjoyed at autocross, rally and club functions which were laid out with hand-written notes and momentos like name badges and pit passes. Just these following three pages really capture in great granularity and detail, the original condition and configuration of my car. They correllate to the printed documentation the original owner gave me (in digital form) and the factory Kardex in terms of dates and other facts. These three pages show the car being prepared for delivery at the Porsche distributor in Beaverton, Oregon and the car participating in the 11th annual Porsche Parade held in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1966. Studying the photos answered several questions I had when I restored the car and guessed right, the Mann & Hummel snorkel air cleaners are correct, radio delete plate was in place when new, chrome bumper guards when new with rubber pads added later by the owner as well as driving lights. A bonus was the finding original license plate number so I can have a replica one made. The owner was 39 years old at the time of purchase, owned the car from November 1965 to January 1969, traded in a 1964 356C when he bought it and traded it in for a 1969 911T, all of which were yellow.




What I Know About My 912's "Provenance" - Here's a VIN number table I "borrowed" from the 912 Registry website (The 912 Registry). As you can see, my VIN #451924 is an early Karmann mid-1965 produced car. Since the 912's produced for the USA market were not shipped to the United States and sold until the 1966 model year, the car is designated a 65/66. The dates stamped on the back of the VDO instruments are consistent with this manufacturing date, however the car was originally a 3-gauge car with the clock and ambient temperature gauge added at the dealer. Early production is a very good thing, too bad it wasn't produced at Porsche's Zuffenhausen facility or it would be even more desirable. I'm a bit too cheap to drop the $100 for a factory "birth certificate" for an "entry-level" car, I'd feel different if it was an early factory 911S. It's still very cool to have an original early production, short-wheel-base, 901 body style Porsche!




Porsche 912 VIN Table

Model Year VIN
Coupe (K)
Coupe (P)
Targa (P)
65 65/66 450001-


66 66 454470-
67 458101-
67 67 461141-
68 12800001-
69 129000001-
76 76




Note: (K) indicates a 912 assembled at the Karmann factory, (P) indicates 912 assembled at the Porsche factory.  (Because demand for Porsches exceeded the factory's capacity, Karmann constructed 912s under contract.)

Basing the annual production of early 912 coupes on the number of VIN numbers assigned, you get a distribution of cars that looks like the following stacked bar chart. Over the years of production, Karmann cars outnumbered Zuffenhausen (Reutter Karosserie body fabrication plant was purchased by Porsche to begin 911 production in 1964) cars by nearly 2:1 and even more in the later years (as more bodies go to 911 production) making them more rare. The earliest Reutter-built cars also continued the 356 series tradition of stamping each body component (hood, fenders, doors, engine cover, etc.) with the last 3 digits of the VIN number. Little details like this are going to become more important as 912 values rise and I believe the Zuffenhausen-built cars will be more sought after than the Karmann cars or at least command a premium price in the future. I think about bragging rights to the "connoisseur" that these are the cars that were built side-by-side on the same production line with the last 356C cars. My car as a Karmann, has the bragging rights of the Karmann Ghia, 914 and Beetle Cabriolet... well built cars but not much to romanticise about!


How common was a Bahama Yellow 912 Porsche in 1966? Here's the 1966 912 production broken down into the percentage of each color produced according to an article in the October 1967 edition of Christophorus magazine. So, 6.5% of total production was Bahama Yellow or about 1 in every 15 cars coming off the assembly line was in my color!



Entry: 4/29/06 - I made an interesting discovery in the warranty service (coupon) book. The car was purchased in November 1965 from Metro Motors here in Seattle by a gentleman named Allan Caldwell, whose address is handwritten on the first page of the service book. Just out of curiosity, I did an on-line phonebook search and now 40-years later, the same name and address came up with a phone number! What the heck, I gave him a call and sure enough, he is the original owner but even cooler, a very active long-time Porsche Club of America (PCA) member and still a very active Porschephile serving as the Technical Editor to the PCA's Porsche Panorama magazine. He currently owns a 1973 914 2.0 liter and a 2006 997 Coupe, both in yellow of course, as all the other Porsches he's owned over the past 40+ years, for as he put it, "safety reasons." I'm looking very forward to meeting Al in person and showing him the car and hearing more about it!



Entry: 4/30/06 - Allan Caldwell, the gentleman who originally purchased the car surprised me this morning with an e-mail containing scans of the original window sticker and bill of sale! How amazing is this whole thing turning out! I've got the original documentation for my 912 that makes the factory supplied "birth certificate" that costs over $100 look like photocopied money! One thing I learned from the "Antiques Roadshow" on PBS is that a collector can't ask for better "provenance" than these two documents! Now here comes the real clincher, the serial number for the engine is listed on the window sticker and it matches the one on the engine! My 912 still has its original factory installed engine!!! The bill of sale also explicitly mentions the wooden steering wheel and chrome wheels as "additional accessories." I can't wait to stick a copy of the window sticker on the window when I show the finished car! Talk about a series of events that reinforce my desire spare no effort in making this car a jewel again! I've uploaded images of the original documents that can be accessed by clicking on the smaller thumbnails below, I've also crossed-out the address of the owner to protect his privacy. Click on the image to see a larger version.:

I also acquired the factory Kardex (build sheet) confirming all the information contained on the documents above. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Here's a close-up shot of my engine number:


Here's a close-up shot of casting date numbers hidden under the "3rd piece" of the crankcase clearly showing a May 1965 casting date (5 dots = May and "65" is the year):


Entry: 5/25/06 - Today I finally met Allan (Al) Caldwell, the original owner of my 912, in person at the 356 Group Northwest's annual "Bull Session" held at Denny Akers' property in Woodinville. Al must be into his 70s, yet he shows up driving his 2006 997 Coupe. Being a retired Boeing engineer, Al has a pretty critical, no B.S. eye when it comes to these sportscars and it was very entertaining to hear his opinions on the first of the new 912 models to arrive at the dealership (his was the first yellow 912 in Seattle). He ran down a laundry list of problems, like rigid rear motor mounts which caused major vibration and shifting problems, as clear evidence that the 912 really was a 911 with a 356 SC engine slapped in it as an afterthought to make a market price-point and insufficient product testing left lots of little problems for the owners to sort out with the dealer. Al and the Pacific Northwest Region of the Porsche Club of America mobilized as the 912 evolved, he and the club undertook many of the factory engineering upgrades to the new 912s on as retrofits in club sponsored tech sessions. This interest in fixing problems is probably what got Al so involved as a voice for the PCA with authoring so many technical articles for the club publications. As a professional engineer, Al provided insightful and detailed technical information to the owner community on problems that needed to be solved. A quick "Google" search using "Allan Caldwell Porsche" as search terms shows that Al's still very active in the Porsche world and seen as a valued technical contributor. I've seen many of Al's magazine articles from back in the early 1970s in the Up-Fixen der Porsche series of books (still available from the PCA) and appreciate how much he has contributed over the years. To think, my little old 912 was a part of that Porsche history and meeting Al was quite a thrill for me. I hope Al can take his one and only 912 for a spin someday when I get it all back to original condition... that's one picture I would really like to post here!


Allan Caldwell's Published Writings - Here's just a sample of Al Caldwell's prolific technical contributions to Porsche community, these articles republished in the PCA's Up-Fixin der Porsche book series are just the tip-of-the-iceberg of all the work he had published over the years for the PCA Pacific NW Region's magazine, Porsche Spiel and the PCA National club magazine, Porsche Panorama. For automated search access to the complete Up-Fixin der Porsche technical article index, visit the PCA's Up-Fixin der Porsche index search webpage.


Up-Fixin der Porsche Article Title, Author, Date, Volume Number, Page Number

Windshield Wiper Crisis A. L. Caldwell 2/74, Vol. 4 p 88

Winter Electrical Adjustment A. L. Caldwell 2/76, Vol. 4 p 80

How to mount a tire by yourself A. L. Caldwell 1/73, Vol. 4 p 58

Heater Control Adjustment (911,914) Alan Caldwell 11/76, Vol. 4 p 12

When the 914 will not start A. L. Caldwell 11/76, Vol. 4 p 272

Dip Stick Idiosyncrasies (914) A. L. Caldwell 2/74, Vol. 4 p 5

Trouble shooting (914) A. L. Caldwell 4/80, Vol. 5 p 168

Electric Windshield Washer Conversion (914) A. L. Caldwell 7/78, Vol. 5 p 80

Fuel Gauge Problems (911) Al Caldwell 11/79, Vol. 5 p 77

Bosch Spark Plug Numbering System-356,911,914,930,Carrera,Turbo Al Caldwell 12/79, Vol. 5 p 106

Windshield Wipers (911) Al Caldwell 9/80, Vol. 5 p 81

Talking Tires Al Caldwell 12/79, Vol. 5 p 44

Late Model Chassis Adjustment (911) Al Caldwell 11/78, Vol. 5 p 41

CIS Vapor Lock A. Caldwell 11/78, Vol. 5 p 36

Late Model 911 Maintenance A. L Caldwell 3/82, Vol. 6 p 11

Spark Plugs (911) A. L. Caldwell 3/81, Vol. 6 p 61

Window Replacement, You Can Do It (911) A. L. Caldwell 9/81, Vol. 6 p 51

Secrets of Lids & Latches (356,911,914) A. L. Caldwell 12/81, Vol. 6 p 53

Top Noises (914) A. L. Caldwell 9/83, Vol. 6 p 58

Brake Maintenance (911,912,914) A. L. Caldwell 6/82, Vol. 6 p 41

Understanding Tires & Wheels 900 Series A. L. Caldwell 6/83, Vol. 6 p 38

Fuel Pump Troubleshooting (911,914) A. L. Caldwell 3/83, Vol. 6 p 26

Cleaning, Adjusting, Jetting (356,911,914) A. L. Caldwell 4/83, Vol. 6 p 28

Valve Cover Leakage (911) A. L. Caldwell 3/81, Vol. 6 p 12

Chain Ramps (911) A. L. Caldwell 3/81, Vol. 6 p 14

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Headlight Alignment A. L. Caldwell 8/85, Vol. 7 p 203

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Basic Suspension Principles (911) A. L. Caldwell 12/86, Vol. 7 p 142

Fuel Pump Replacement (911) A. L. Caldwell 6/84, Vol. 7 p 106

Fuel Tank Maintenance (911) A. L. Caldwell 5/84, Vol. 7 p 104

Weber Throttle Shaft Air Leak Curing (911) A. L. Caldwell 4/86, Vol. 7 p 113

Fan Belt Replacement (911) A. L. Caldwell 11/86, Vol. 7 p 31

Installing the new Chain Tensioners (911) A. L. Caldwell 11/85, Vol. 7 p 57

Know-how (914) Alan Caldwell 8/88, Vol. 8 p 326

Buying a Used Air-Cooled Porsche Allan Caldwell 10/87, Vol. 8 p 357

Be Kind to Your Fasteners (911,914) Allan Caldwell 12/87, Vol. 8 p 345

So You Bought a Used 911 Allan Caldwell 4/89, Vol. 8 p 353

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Electrical Weakness (914) Allan Caldwell 9/89, Vol. 8 p 225

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Rearview Mirror Mania Allan Caldwell 11/87, Vol. 8 p 189

Brake Maintenance Follow-Up: Brake Hoses Caldwell & Chaney 11/89, Vol. 8 p 166

Disc Brake Maintenance Allan Caldwell 9/89, Vol. 8 p 160

Brake Design, Evolution & Operation Allan Caldwell 7/89, Vol. 8 p 154

Suspensions Systems Allan Caldwell 7/88, Vol. 8 p 132

Fuel Injection Update (911,914,924,928,944) Allan Caldwell 2/88, Vol. 8 p 122

Vapor Lock (914) Allan Caldwell 8/89, Vol. 8 p 127

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Carburetor Sizing & jetting (911,914) Allan Caldwell 12/88, Vol. 8 p 109

Get to Know Your Transmission Allan Caldwell 8/87, Vol. 8 p 59

Air Cooled Exhaust System Maintenance Allan Caldwell 4/89, Vol. 8 p 73

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End of Season Upkeep Allan Caldwell 10/92, Vol. 9 p 305

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Ignition Switches (914) Allan Caldwell 9/91, Vol. 9 p 167

Intermittent Wipers (914) Allan Caldwell 7/92, Vol. 9 p 169

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Electrical Systems Review Allan Caldwell 11/90, Vol. 9 p 185

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Air Conditioner, 911, Chill Out, Allan Caldwell 10/90, Vol. 9 p 139

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Top Care, (914) Allan Caldwell 12/90, Vol. 9 p 127

Rear Trunk Access, More on, (914) Allan Caldwell 7/92, Vol. 9 p 127

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Tire Sizes (914) Allan Caldwell 10/90, Vol. 9 p 112

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Suspension and Wheel Alignment Update Allan Caldwell 12/92, Vol. 9 p 107

Alignment (914) Allan Caldwell 5/91, Vol. 9 p 89

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1.8 Relays (914) Allan Caldwell 5/90, Vol. 9 p 73

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High Oil Temperature, More on, (914) Allan Caldwell 7/90, Vol. 9 p 24

Lubrication System Correction (911) Allan Caldwell 9/90, Vol. 9 p 31

Oil Filters (911) Allan Caldwell 6/92, Vol. 9 p 33

Oil Return Tube Replacement (911) Allan Caldwell 8/90, Vol. 9 p 34

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914/2.0 Engine Compartment Hoses, Allan Caldwell 4/93, Vol. 10 p 8

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Buying a 1980s Porsche, Allan Caldwell 9/95, Vol. 10 p 290

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Forty Years of Up-Fixin, Allan Caldwell 12/95, Vol. 10 p 268

30 Years of 911 Production, Allan Caldwell 12/93, Vol. 10 p 214

911 Production by the Numbers (Again), Allan Caldwell 2/94, Vol. 10 p 215

Breaking the Code: 914 Numerology, Allan Caldwell 6/95, Vol. 10 p 216

More 914 Numerology, Allan Caldwell 10/95, Vol. 10 p 221

Silver Celebration: Porsche 914, Allan Caldwell 11/94, Vol. 10 p 205

Warm Weather Electrical Gremlins, Allan Caldwell 8/93, Vol. 10 p 125

Watching Your Porsche's Visual Messages, Allan Caldwell 1/94, Vol. 10 p 130

Electrical Gremlins (911) , Anderson, Caldwell et al 7/95, Vol. 10 p 124

914 Oil Temperature Sender Installation, Allan Caldwell 10/93, Vol. 10 p 120

914 Paint Codes, Allan Caldwell 12/93,Vol. 10 p 108

Underside Cleaning and Maintenance, Allan Caldwell 12/93, Vol. 10 p 100

911 Sunroof Repairs, Wisskirchen and Caldwell 1/93, Vol. 10 p 94

914 Rear Deck Lid Mechanism, Allan Caldwell 9/93, Vol. 10 p 98

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Tires for Porsches, Allan Caldwell 3/95, Vol.10 p 79

Shock Treatment, Allan Caldwell 6/95, Vol.10 p 71

Torsion Bars, Solid or Gun-drilled, Caldwell, White et al 10/94, Vol.10 p 75

914 Rear Shock Noise, Allan Caldwell 3/94, Vol.10 p 68

Fuel Additives, Allan Caldwell et al 8/95, Vol. 10 p 57

Oxygenated Fuel Update, Allan Caldwell 11/93, Vol. 10 p 60

More on 914 Fuel Injection, Allan Caldwell 2/93, Vol. 10 p 56

911T Carburetor Rebuilding, mileage, Allan Caldwell 10/94,Vol. 10 p 56

Porsche Cable-Operated Clutches, Allan Caldwell 1/95, Vol. 10 p 38

Shifting for Yourself, Allan Caldwell 2/94, Vol. 10 p 43

914 Clutch Installation, Allan Caldwell 12/95, Vol. 10 p 31

IM-240 Emission Testing, Allan Caldwell 12/94, Vol. 10 p 16

Air-cooled Engine Oil Leaks, Allan Caldwell 11/95, Vol. 10 p 23

1996 Porsche Parade Tech Notes, Allan Caldwell 11/96, Vol. 11 p 271

Casualties of Summer, Allan Caldwell 8/98, Vol. 11 p 259

Winter Driving Preparations, Allan Caldwell 11/97, Vol. 11 p 265

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Porsche's New Rear-Engined Coupe: 996, Allan Caldwell 3/98, Vol. 11 p 177

Inside The Boxster, Allan Caldwell 4/97, Vol. 11 p 204

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Porsche Central Electrical Systems, Allan Caldwell 2/97, Vol. 11 p 131

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Porsche Ignition Systems, Part 2, Allan Caldwell 10/97, Vol. 11 p 145

Porsche Upshift Indicators, Allan Caldwell 10/96, Vol. 11 p 152

Retrofitting the New 993 Third Brake Light, Allan Caldwell 4/96, Vol. 11 p 129

Electrical Considerations for 911 Engine Swaps, Allan Caldwell 1/98, Vol. 11 p 124

DME Relays, 911 Carrera And 944, Allan Caldwell 12/97, Vol. 11 p 117

914 Alternator Belt Problems, Allan Caldwell 2/96, Vol. 11 p 120

914 Distributor Vacuum Connections, Allan Caldwell 1/97, Vol. 11 p 120

914 Fog Light Replacement, Allan Caldwell 2/97, Vol. 11 p 121

Alternator Charging Problems (911, 912), Allan Caldwell 4/97, Vol. 11 p 128

911/912/914 Ventilation Systems, Allan Caldwell 2/96, Vol. 11 p 109

Open Air Roof Care, Allan Caldwell 8/96, Vol. 11 p 101

Porsche Aerodynamic Aids, Allan Caldwell 12/98, Vol. 11 p 106

911 External Rear View Mirror Restoration, S. Baker & A.Caldwell 8/96, Vol. 11 p 98

914 Fuchs Wheel Backspace, Allan Caldwell 9/96, Vol. 11 p 71

Porsche Wheel Nuts And Bolts, Allan Caldwell 4/98, Vol. 11 p 72

Porsche Mechanical Actuation Systems, Part 1, Linkage Controls, Allan Caldwell 5/97, Vol. 11 p 84

Porsche Mechanical Actuation Systems, Part 2, Cable Controls, Allan Caldwell 6/97, Vol. 11 p 89

Porsche Pedal Clusters, Allan Caldwell 1/97, Vol. 11 p 81

Brake Warning Light, Anderson, Caldwell, Flegl 6/98, Vol. 11 p 64

Disk Brake Maintenance, Allan Caldwell 10/98, Vol. 11 p 65

914 Handling Affected by Strut Wear, Allan Caldwell 3/96, Vol.11 p 59

CV Joint Bolts, Caldwell, Anderson, Newton et al 6/98, Vol.11 p 61

Porsche Fuel Delivery Systems, Allan Caldwell 6/98, Vol. 11 p 54

Fuel Injector Maintenance, Allan Caldwell 7/96,Vol. 11 p 47

914/4 Engine Upgrades, Allan Caldwell 7/98, Vol.11 p 38

Horsepower Ratings and Sensitivities, Allan Caldwell 2/98, Vol. 11 p 18

911 Pressure-Fed Tensioner Oil Leaks, Allan Caldwell 12/96, Vol. 11 p 31

914/4 Engine Oil Cooler Seals, Allan Caldwell 10/98, Vol. 11 p 29

My 912 Manuals & Literature - The following photo shows my collection of factory publications relating specifically to my car. Top row, L to R: 911 Factory Repair Manual Part I, 911 Factory Repair Manual Part II, 912 Supplement to 911 Repair Manuals, Middle row, L to R: 1966 912 Owner's Manual, Original Warranty Coupon Book, 912 Pocket Spec Book, 1966 912 showroom brochure, Bottom row, L to R: 911 Parts Manual (November 1964 Edition), 912 Supplement to the 911 Parts Manual (June 1965 edition), 1965 912 showroom brochure.


The following photo shows my collection of aftermarket publications relating specifically to my car. Top row, L to R: 912 Repair Manual by Clymer Publications (this well-worn copy came with my car and I had to punch holes and put it in a binder since it had come apart from all the years of use!), Porsche 912 Repair Manual by Lash Intl., The Complete Porsche 912 Guide by Duane Spencer. Bottom row, L to R: The 911 & 912 Porsche; A Restorer's Guide to Authenticity by Dr. Bruce Johnson, The ABC's (& 912's) of Porsche Engines or Porsche Engines (and the Future of the Human Race), Version 3.56 by Harry Pellow, Secrets of the Inner Circle by Harry Pellow, The Maestro's Little Spec Book by Harry Pellow.


My 912 Factory Toolkit - This is the original factory toolkit that came with my car. It seems reasonable to assume this is the original set that came with the car from the factory, the "Porsche" shop towel and Messko tire gauge were found on eBay.


Entry: 8/29/19 - First time I've shown this car in the 10 years since I completed it, so I entered at the 2019 annual Porsche Club of America - Pacific NW Region's picnic and show 'n shine and placed 2nd out of 65 total cars entered!


Entry: 7/10/21 - I was contacted by Dr. Brett Johnson back in the spring about his upcoming update to the long hood Porsche guide to authenticity and folks on the 912 Registry had pointed him towards my car for a photo of the rare 5-gauge option that had the expensive and not often seen ambient temperature gauge calibrated in both fahrenheit and celsius. Over the course of many e-mails, I was asked for a bunch of different photos of the dash, temperatue gauge and paint code plate. Today I received a free, signed copy of the finished book with 4 photos of my car with the interior photo showing up in two places in the book. I'm very honored to have my restoration work featured in the book and making a small contribution to the next generation of collectors and restorers as the first version of this book with black and white photos was extremely valuable in my restoration work when I started on my car back in 2005. Now with the additional information and color photos, the latest version will surely become the "go to" information source for those seeking definitive answers to their originality questions.




912 Traveling Kit USA - Here's a cool factory accessory (part number 902.721.901.03) I see in the parts catalog and occasionally on eBay, usually fetching about $500 or so. According to the June 1965 edition of the 912 supplemental parts catalog, the kit consisted of the following spare parts (Photo Of Traveling Kit as shown in the 1966 911/912 factory accessory catalog):


Description Quantity
Carrying case - 616.721.902.00 1
Plastic bag with fuses - 644.721.013.00 1
Fuel pump diaphragm - 616.108.904.09 1
Points - 616.602.226.00 1 set
Spark plug - 999.170.027.90 4
Exhaust valves - 616.105.406.01 2
Valve spring - 616.105.432.02 1
Valve keepers - 616.105.411.00 2
Valve adjusting screw - 369.05.243 1
Oil drain plug - 539.01.133 1
Spark plug connector (suppressor cap) - 616.609.303.00 1
V-belt - 999.192.006.50 1
Carb top gasket - 616.100.968.00 2
Oil filter gasket - 546.07.829 1
Oil strainer gasket - 539.01.152 2
Engine gasket set - 616.100.184.00 1
Clutch cable - 901.423.401.01 1
Decal for ignition timing - 902.006.565.00 1
Shop towel - "Porsche" linen 1

Front side (closed):


Back side (closed):


Kit opened up with items stashed in their pockets:


Kit opened up with items taken out of their pockets:


Spark plugs in their protective wrappers and seals:


Exhaust valves, keepers and valve spring:


Fuses, ignition points, fuel pump diaphram and part of clutch cable:


Carburetor and engine gaskets, plus generator pulley halves (not listed as included):


Circa 1965 Karmann Factory Photos - Interesting to study these still photos captured on my PC from a DVD by The History Channel of their "Automobiles" series episode "The Porsche 911" available on Amazon.com. The early body assembly sequence is clearly showing a very early Karmann built coupe. One of the things that tells me this is very early is the front hood lock sill still has the stiffening ribs on the right side (like my car) which were phased out halfway through the 1966 model year. The thing that makes me think it's the Karmann plant is the Porsche assembly phase workers wear blue coverall uniforms. I'm also struck by the workers the lack of personal safety equipment such as eye protection... man, that's really old school!