DarrylD's WWII Army Jeep Project Journal - Internet Links


G503.com - Discussion groups and technical articles
JeepDraw - Accurate blueprint-quality mechanical drawings of Jeep components and hole locations for a $1 donation each
Victory Publishing - Excellent source for WW2 Jeep books and technical manual reprints
MD Juan Enterprises - The Philippine source of all repro bodies and OMIX-ADA parts
D & L Bensinger - Where I purchased my MD Juan body kit and sheetmetal parts
WeeBee Webbing - Maker of excellent canvas seat cushions, tops and accessories
Beachwood Canvas Works - Where I found my seat cushions and numerous parts
Brent Mullins Jeep Parts - Great NOS parts and my Goodyear NDT tire source
Army Jeep Parts, Inc. - Where I found my brake and fuel line kits
Krage Motorsports - Cheap prices and great online catalog for OMIX-ADA (MD Juan's US distributor) parts
"Eagle" Jeep Parts (of the Netherlands) - The European "connection" for great NOS and repro parts and tools
Big Flats Rivet Company - Excellent source for Ford frame rivets
Vintage Wiring of Maine - Where I found a perfect reproduction wiring harness for the Ford GPW